Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ready to Roll

Well, this is it. It's some unearthly hour of the morning here and we're just about ready to leave the house. First flight leaves Incheon airport (1.5 hours from home) at 10:50am.

One slight complication: it snowed about three inches in the night so it looks fabulous outside. Sheena is having second thoughts about going. But I've been out and it's already melting so it'll all be gone by lunch time... and so will we!

See you in Cambodia tonight we hope!


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tickets & Visas

John holds his own bundle of tickets

Last week a big fat envelope arrived at work. Inside were all the tickets we've booked for the trip. We're not used to having so many tickets to take. Went through and checked that they all corresponded with what we thought we were getting and they did.

We've got the visas for Vietnam. Dunno why but they stuck them way towards the back of our passports. They take up a whole page and are the first visas we've ever had for a socialist country.

No other country requires visas before you arrive. But we got Cambodian visas online this week. You can even take the photos yourself - so we did! It's supposed to speed things up at the airport at Siem Reap and, as we're arriving in the evening and want to jump in the pool before bed... we're on a mission!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Typhoid, Diptheria/Tetanus, Hep A and Hep B... well, we haven't had jabs for at least ten years so we thought we should get up to date. And what better time than just before the SEATour!?

We've had to go twice to the Itaewon International Clinic locally to get these done over a couple of weeks. They've also given us a ton of malaria pills.

Can't type... arms... ache... so.... much...sdklfj;sd,m.,f;adkfj...........