Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Interlude - Bike loads

Just what can you get on two wheels if you try hard enough? Here are some suggestions from what we've seen in Vietnam:
jerry cans of petrol
a four foot wide hunk of ice pouring rivers down the road
a family of five with the driver on a mobile phone
a computer monitor and tower on the back with the keyboard across your lap
baskets of piglets
3 bonsai trees each over 3 feet high
a 15 foot stepladder
huge shanks of pork in a plastic tub
a circular pane of glass
a bookshelf
a medium sized fridge
ten foot lengths of bamboo
...and the most ironic of all...
another motorbike



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very useful infomation.

Even today I was employed in the dubious pleasure of instructing a five year old on how to ride his new bike around a quaint English park.

All went reasonably well to start with but after pulling him head first out of a flower bed and listening to his (out of order) screams, which seemed to alternate between "Mummy"and "I want my bed" (?) I decided that i maybe did not hold the requisite qualification for such an onerous task, but the arrival of your blog information has given me great encouragement.

We are going back to the park today, but this time I have decided to strap a small elephant to the handlebars of his bike.

I now expect him to master the art of riding in no time.

Thank you once again for the brilliant and timely advice.
We certainly have got it all wrong in the u.k. when it comes to bike riding.

8:10 PM KST  

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