Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day 10 - Trying things on for size

If you want something tailored in Hoi An, you need at least three days there. If you want to enjoy yourself, you need much longer. We had three full days so you can guess how we felt.

By now I'd been fitted for everything from shorts and shoes to shirts and a suit. Sheena had not only ordered shoes but three lots of clothes from two different tailors. This meant that we had unintentionally filled our days with repeated fitting sessions at each of these places. You also had to take their requests to come at a certain time with a pinch of salt. Even when we turned up intentionally late, we'd be asked to come back in half an hour.

We did still manage to fit in bits of Hoi An in between though:

Idyllic scene? Shortly after this, she squatted down and urinated in the alley!

I was going to play pool but after reading this, I decided on a spot of idol worship. (Click to enlarge)

The woman here is wearing traditional Vietnamese dress called Ao Dai. She's a high school student and this is what they wear.

A range of eggs. The ones on the top left in the green bowl were so large they must have split the chicken.

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Interlude - Bike loads

Just what can you get on two wheels if you try hard enough? Here are some suggestions from what we've seen in Vietnam:
jerry cans of petrol
a four foot wide hunk of ice pouring rivers down the road
a family of five with the driver on a mobile phone
a computer monitor and tower on the back with the keyboard across your lap
baskets of piglets
3 bonsai trees each over 3 feet high
a 15 foot stepladder
huge shanks of pork in a plastic tub
a circular pane of glass
a bookshelf
a medium sized fridge
ten foot lengths of bamboo
...and the most ironic of all...
another motorbike