Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ready to Roll

Well, this is it. It's some unearthly hour of the morning here and we're just about ready to leave the house. First flight leaves Incheon airport (1.5 hours from home) at 10:50am.

One slight complication: it snowed about three inches in the night so it looks fabulous outside. Sheena is having second thoughts about going. But I've been out and it's already melting so it'll all be gone by lunch time... and so will we!

See you in Cambodia tonight we hope!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

G-mum has viewed all your journey with interest, but one thing puzzled her and I failed in all my explanations.
This was thing that bugged her from all your observations.

"why does driving in doors make john rebellious"....."what did he do to make him feel like that"

Saying that you might have swiped a few people out of your path only seemed to puzle her more.

10:49 PM KST  

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